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For Over a Decade, Precision Dent Removal Has Been Removing Minor Dents and Dings From Cars Without Having To Do Paint or Conventional Body Work.
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We specialize in “The Art of Paintless Dent Removal.”

At Precision Dent Removal, our work is our passion. We are the best at what we do and every repair we do reflects our extensive expertise. In fact, we show our customers exactly how to evaluate our work – every little nuance of your job is explained to you upfront. Then we use specialized LED lighting to show you the repair up close and encourage you to inspect your car’s finished surface and texture.

Your vehicle may be one of your most valuable assets, so we understand that it’s important to preserve its value as much as possible throughout your car’s lifetime. If you have a minor accident, find an annoying parking lot ding, are struck by a deer, or are hit with a storm of hailstones, you want a perfect fix – preferably one that does not devalue your vehicle either.

Precision Dent Removal Has The Answer.

Many people don’t realize that Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) not only preserves your car’s perfect factory finish, but takes a fraction of the time compared to conventional/body shop repairs, saving you from the hassle and expense of a long-term car rental. Our process requires no sanding or painting – instead, it relies on the work of experienced, qualified technicians to carefully reshape your car’s metal back to its original finish.

Our technicians are among the best in the business and we work on the most difficult problems out there – whether it’s a hood pocked by hailstones or a multi-crease dent from an accident. We go out of our way to teach customers what makes a perfect dent repair and how to properly inspect our work. That’s why we maintain a 5-star rating with customers, backed by an iron-clad satisfaction guarantee. All Paintless Dent Removal shops are NOT the same. We work with some of the toughest insurance companies in the business – if we weren’t doing it right, they wouldn’t keep coming. It’s just that simple.

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Started With a Passion for Customer Service, Precision Dent Removal Strives To Be At The Forefront of Paintless Dent Repair.

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With Over 80 Reviews, we are still 5 star rated on Google.

We love it when customer check out our reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Yellow Pages before they come. You will see why our customers continue to nominate us for the “Tally Award” in the automotive category and why our thousands of customers over the past twenty years have recommended us to friends and family.

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Recently a ladder fell over on my new car. My car went from looking great to looking awful. The worst of the dents was just above my back seat door, right where the metal curves. It was pretty significant. My husband said, “No one can “fix” this dent. We will have to get the whole area replaced in order for it to look good again.” I was a little skeptical myself. However, I called Precision Dent Removal and spoke with Jeremy. He assured me that it would look perfect. And guess what? It does. My husband is still in shock. We will always use Precision and I will tell all my friends to go if they are in need of work such as this. Thanks, guys!!

Michelle Geno R.

I visited Precision Dent Removal today & I have to tell you how happy I am with the service I received! These guys got me right in the shop & within 45 mins my dent that I thought couldn’t be repaired was gone! This is a company I will refer in the future! I found them very reasonable & professional! What a great group of people! Thanks Jeremy!

John D.