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What Is Paintless Dent Removal Anyway?

So what is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) anyway? With the advent of new automotive materials in the mid1980s, technicians were able to devise new ways to fix simple dents without the expense, hassle and depreciation expense of typical body work. We correct everything from simple parking lot door dings, to fender benders, to complex accident repair projects that don’t require extensive bodywork or repainting.

Because our work is paintless – meaning we don’t add any additional paint products to the car – our process of dent removal does not affect the value of your car. Instead, we use special tools and adhesive materials to literally push and pull the dents, working from both the inside and outside of your vehicle. Once the major work is done, we refine the spot carefully with precision instruments that we gently manipulate to regain the car’s original look and texture.

Both before the job and after, we review our process with the customer, and go over what to expect. We can often finish jobs the same day, so customers can avoid dealing with a long-term and costly car rental. The truth is that some paintless dent removal companies only finish a given job to an 80 percent standard – and customers usually can’t tell the difference. With powerful LED lighting, we will show you how to look for that extra 20 percent of finesse, so you can be sure we complete your job to the highest standard.

Removing Dents From Cars:  A Delicate Art.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), in truth, is a delicate art. On the surface, it may seem like an easy process to just “pop out” a dent, but it is actually quite involved and intricate, requiring a great deal of technique and training. To find just the right person to trust with this complex work is not an easy task – as Jeremy Smith, Precision Dent Removal’s owner, can attest to after 22 years of training others in the trade.

The dent removal process itself requires precise manipulation of the metal or other material, pulling in some spots and pushing in others, using an array of tappers, slide hammers, tabs and tools. We use powerful LED lighting to assess the size, location and depth of damage and the fine details of the metal distortion – all of which is explained to the customer prior to beginning any work.

The goal is to gently guide the metal back to its original factory position, which can be a slow and meticulous process. Once the job is completed, the LED lights are used again to show the finished product to our customers and ensure that it’s free from blemishes or other imperfections. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction; to meet that goal, we tell you exactly what to expect before the job even begins and we deliver the vehicle in accordance with that promise.

How can the customer tell if a shop is able to handle a serious repair? Before dropping off your vehicle for repair, read the shop’s customer reviews online and see if they have any specialized recognition or certifications. Precision Dent Removal is fortunate to have both 5-star reviews and certifications from prestigious industry organizations, proving that we can handle the most difficult jobs.

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