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Precision Dent Removal | Tallahassee Dent RemovalPrecision Dent Removal, LLC
4.9 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Lisa SchatzmanLisa Schatzman

I don't normally give anything 5 stars, but Jeremy at Precision Dent Removal was great. A parents worst feeling getting a call late at night. But, thankfully it was just bumper damage. I uploaded a photo with a request for a quote (2:30 a.m.) and followed up in the morning. After speaking with Jeremy, my daughter drove to his shop so he could physically see the damage. He was honest, fare and reassuring. The work was done the following day and I'm told everything looks great. Everyone should know about this wonderful business and the people who work there!

Albert MeyerAlbert Meyer

Craftsman, Magician, take your pick. These are terms that describe Jeremy and his skills with Dent removal. I had a dent on the crease of the hood on my Black Mustang. Any imperfections after the repair would have been glaring. I inspected the hood after the repair and was dumbfounded; it was as if the damage had never occurred. Dent gone completely.. Jeremy reviewed the process and the costs that may apply before the work as done, explained what he had done after the repair; he explained the warranty on his work. He is fair, honest, and has a passion for what he does; it is obvious in the results he achieves.

Kevin MalmquistKevin Malmquist

A 5-star review doesn't do justice. Jeremy is a consummate professional who's knowledge and technical skill are above reproach. Clearly peerless in his industry. When I brought him my truck he shot me straight dice. He could have sold me services I didn't need, but he didn't. Instead he laid out my options (none of which he stood to make money off) and gave me candid advice. Keep fighting the good fight Jeremy, let me know if there is every anything I can do for you!


I was recommended to Precision Dent Removal by my service rep at Dale Earnhardt dealership. He told me to speak to Jeremy because Jeremy is a wizard when it comes to fixing the type of damage my car had sustained.

After seeing the completed work on my vehicle, there was no doubt in my mind that Jeremy is indeed a wizard! One would never know that there was any damage to my car. This is very important to me as I plan on trading in my vehicle within the next several months.

Not only is his work impeccable, but so is the way he conducts his business. Jeremy is a very ethical individual. He is straightforward, honest, and will spend time with you answering any and all questions you may have about the work to be performed. His staff reflects the same work ethic as Jeremy. Everyone at Precision Dent Removal is courteous and helpful!

Upon picking up my car, Jeremy brought to my attention that there was a scratch on the driver side of my vehicle that I had not noticed. He said that he would fix it at no cost to me. Who does this in this day and age?! In a word, no one. OK, maybe two words. I tried to convince Jeremy that I would pay for his time for fixing this last scratch but he would not hear a word of it. Omg....Jeremy is not only a wizard at what he does but also an extremely exceptional individual.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing business with Jeremy and his staff. Should I sustain any damage on any vehicle, I will certainly bring it to Jeremy's place of business first. No question.

To say that I highly recommend Precision Dent Removal is almost redundant after this review. But I will say it anyway..... I highly recommend Precision Dent Removal! You will be more than satisfied, not only with the quality of the work performed, but with the cost as well.

10 stars to you and your company, Jeremy! Thank you. Renee.

Carla CothronCarla Cothron

What an AWESOME job! I had a dent on the crease of my front fender and you cannot even tell it was there! Fast work, reasonable prices, friendly service! Highly recommend!

Precision Dent Removal | Tallahassee Dent RemovalPrecision Dent Removal II
5 Stars - Based on 9 User Reviews
Mike D.Mike D.

My wife and I recently moved to Tallahassee from Tampa after purchasing her a new Lexus IS250. This was the first new "luxury" car we had ever purchased, and the largest purchase ever besides our home. Not but two months of owning the car, I hit a deer one evening. Needless to say I was grateful for only two dents, but they were located on extremely difficult locations over the wheel well and back right door frame, both on creases. I was extremely skeptical Precision Dent Removal could help due to the location, but I had seen Jeremy's work and he insured me they could repair them. So needless to say, I had high expectations. I also had a 'welcome' to Tallahassee door ding from a beat up mini-van who parked two inches from the car in a grocery store parking lot (Next time I'll be waiting...). I missed the major door ding on the front wheel well, and assumed no one had gotten out on that side since it was only two inches apart. WRONG! Once I got home and the wife saw it, I was in deep doo doo. This one was extremely noticeable due to the location once again on the front left quarter panel right on a crease. This one I thought for sure would not be repairable, and I was extremely concerned they could improve but not completely repair. All three dents were completely removed and look as if they never happened! The Lexus is back to it's glorious starfire pearlescent beautiful body! Have complete faith in Jeremy and his professional staff. I would recommend them to anyone who has dents, dings, or damage without paint removal. They are consummate professionals and will get word of mouth recommendations for life from me. I plan on returning with my prized 1995 300ZX Twin Turbo for some additional work. THANK YOU Jeremy for getting me out of the dog house with my wife!!!! Mike

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Michelle geno R.Michelle geno R.

I used Jeremy a few years ago when my husband's car was dented by a motorist in Destin. He did an amazing job for such a great price. The dent was literally gone.
Recently a ladder fell over on my new car. My car went from looking great to looking awful. The worst of the dents was just above my back seat door, right where the metal curves. It was pretty significant. My husband said, "No one can "fix" this dent. We will have to get the whole area replaced in order for it to look good again." I was a little skeptical myself. However, I called Precision Dent Removal and spoke with Jeremy. He assured me that it would look perfect. And guess what? It does. My husband is still in shock. We will always use Precision and I will tell all my friends to go if they are in need of work such as this. Thanks, guys!!

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Brent P.Brent P.

Jeremy and Zac came by the office this morning to repair a dent on my 2 month old truck. Their professionalism and quality of work were second to none. I can't say enough great things about them. The quality of work is amazing Thanks Zac for doing an outstanding job.

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John D.John D.

I visited Precision Dent Removal today & I have to tell you how happy I am with the service I received! These guys got me right in the shop & within 45 mins my dent that I thought couldn't be repaired was gone! This is a company I will refer in the future! I found them very reasonable & professional! What a great group of people! Thanks Jeremy!

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Scott P.Scott P.

Looking for the highest quality results? Visit Precision Dent Removal. I am very picky about the appearance of my cars and have had work done at other paintless dent repair shops when I lived in another part of the country. Precision Dent Removal technicians take pride in their work and deliver the best results by far that I have ever experienced. Jeremy and his team have worked on three of my cars. My silver car had a nasty crease dent just above the rear wheel. Those types of dents can be very difficult to repair. It took a couple of hours but Jeremy made it DISAPPEAR. Another car had a dented hood. Precision Dent Repair made it look like new. They also fixed the annoying parking lot door dings on all the cars. These repairs were done at a fraction of the cost of a body shop. As an important bonus the superior factory baked on finish was preserved on the cars. I will be back whenever I need paintless dent repair work done.

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Precision Dent Removal | Tallahassee Dent RemovalPrecision Dent Removal
5 Stars - Based on 6 User Reviews
Poonam A.Poonam A.

This place is amazing. Great service and Jeremy, the owner, knows exactly what he is doing. I stopped by on my day off to see if he could fix a scratch on...Read More

Lisa S.Lisa S.

I don't normally give anything 5 stars, but Jeremy at Precision was great. A parents worst feeling getting a call late at night. But, thankfully it was just...Read More

Sarah G.Sarah G.

Amazing work and customer service. Very trustworthy company. A+++. Will definitely be back for future needs. Thanks again guys!!!!Read More